Yunyun Gu


  • Since 10/2021 PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • 9/2011 – 3/2014 Master of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering at Tongji University, China


  • Yun-yun Gu, Xue-jun Yu, Jin-feng Peng, Shu-bing Chen, Ying-ying Zhong, Da-qiang Yin, Xia-lin Hu. Simultaneous solid phase extraction coupled with liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry and gas spectrometry tandem mass spectrometry for the highly sensitive determination of 15 endocrine disrupting chemicals in seafood. Journal of Chromatography B, 965 (2014)164-172. Impact factor: 2.44.
  • Xia-lin Hu, Yun-yun Gu, Wen-ping Huagn, Da-qiang Yin. Phthalate monoesters as markers of phthalate contamination in wild marine organisms. Environmental Pollution, 218 (2016) 1-9. Impact factor: 4.358.
  • Yun-yun Gu, Jie Yu, Xia-lin Hu, Da-qiang Yin. Characteristics of the alkylphenol and bisphenol A distributions in marine organisms and implications for human health: A case study of the East China Sea. Science of the Total Environment, 539 (2016) 460-469. Impact factor: 4.61.
  • B.Jia, W. Wang, S. Lin, L. Shi, Y. Li, Y. Gu, F. Gao & Y. Qin. The free amino acid profiles and metabolic biomarkers of predicting the chemotherapeutic response in advanced sarcoma patients. Clinical and Translational Oncology, 22 (2020) 2213-2221. Impact factor: 2.737.

Oral Presentations

  • 05/2023 Gu Y., Warth B.: “Optimization of A High-throughput SPE Clean-up for Urine and Plasma Exposomics”, Invited Talk at the Junganalytiker*innen Forum 2023, Leoben, Austria
  • 05/2022 Gu Y., Warth B., An Exposome-Scale Sample Clean-up Method based on Solid Phase Extraction, ASAC "JunganalytikerInnenforum", Vienna, Austria

Poster Presentations

  • 03/2023 Gu Y., Warth B.: “Exposome-Scale Sample Clean-up Based on Solid Phase Extraction”, 1. Exposome Austria RetreatRetz, Austria
  • 04/2023 Gu Y., Warth B.: “Optimization of A High-throughput SPE Clean-up for Urine and Plasma Exposomics”, DoSChem Retreat Panel B, Fürstenfeld, Austria