Vanessa Partsch


  • Since 12/2022 PhD thesis
  • 2022 Master’s Thesis „Toxicity-guided fractionation and evaluation of an Alternaria mycotoxin extract"
  • 2020-2022 Master’s program „Food Chemistry“ at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • 2015 Bachelor’s Thesis „Analyse der Corpusmucosa: Büschelzellen und Hormon-produzierende Zellen in den lateralen mucosalen Einstülpungen"
  • 2016-2020 Bachelor’s program „Nutritional Science“ at the University of Hohenheim, Germany


  • 02/2022 Distinct Cell Types With the Bitter Receptor Tas2r126 in Different Compartments of the Stomach

Poster Presentations

  • 04/2023 Partsch V., Crudo F., Marko D.: “Toxicological evaluation of a complex Alternaria mycotoxin extract”, DoSChem Retreat Panel B, Fürstenfeld, Austria