• August 2017 Radio broadcast: "Die Dosis macht das Gift": The Ö1-series "Radiokolleg" will broadcast "Die Dosis macht das Gift" starting from Monday, August 28th until Thursday, Aug. 31st daily at 9:30 am. Prof. Marko was one of the interviewpartners who provided their knowledge and experiences for this program. You can also listen to it online for 7 days after the broadcasting:
  • June 2017 New paper available: "Uncommon toxic microbial metabolite patterns in traditionally home-processed maize dish (fufu) consumed in rural Cameroon" Download
  • June 20th and 21st 2017 World Congress of Polyphenols Applications: The 11th World Congress of Polyphenols Applications is taking place at the University of Vienna this year. Prof. Marko is serving as local organizer. If you would like to attend, please find more information and register here: and find a list of the speakers and talks here: Download.